dead rising 2 - hummer glitch underground (possible spoilers

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dead rising 2 - hummer glitch underground (possible spoilers

Сообщение pacman069 » Ср дек 07, 2011 8:28 am

dead rising 2 - hummer glitch underground (possible spoilers)



my first time using OpenShot to cut/edit video.

so we where messing around in dead rising 2 and decided to see if we could start filming glitches, considering this game is already very glitchy as it is. this can also be accomplished by ramming the barrier full speed, but does not always work that way. the physics of this glitch make it worth while exploring a bit more. i'll explore more see if i can record something else worth while.

i wouldn't recommend this for getting your 72k zombie kills. it takes to long. i recommend atleast 6-9 bike magazines and your slicecycle underground.

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