Opel Monterey - Isuzu Trooper...


Opel Monterey - Isuzu Trooper...

Сообщение winmine » Чт авг 05, 2010 6:55 am

Opel Monterey - Isuzu Trooper - IFS flexing - Offroad

From Youtube.com


This is my Opel Monterey on 33" Mud Terrains flexing in a ditch. I modified the front suspension and have 9" front travel right now. I'm trying to get even more out of it and I'm shooting for at least 10".
To improve the the rear flex I have some longer shocks ordered so that will be better soon.
The car has 5" lift ( 4" suspensionlift and 1" bodylift) and is locked front and rear with aussie lockers!

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