[Akatsuki yaoi mmv] Hummer

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[Akatsuki yaoi mmv] Hummer

Сообщение shambhu1710 » Вс сен 11, 2011 1:52 am

[Akatsuki yaoi mmv] Hummer

From Youtube.com


or at least don't friggin complain.

If you want to add annotation, just msg me for an url.

However, please do not put such lasting whole video, covering everything or with urls, they will be deleted and you blocked.

First of all - I love this song and has always wanted to make a video with it [even started a winterish itadei one]. It's extremely various and pleasureable to edit with.

It's been a while since I made some full mmv. I love these as I can use lovely artworks, which are not specially fitting in usual amvs :o.
Blah, and I know that Kakashi and Sasuke or Hachibi are not akatsukies but I felt like adding them here, okay ? :p

I'm happy about the result, I think it turned out pretty creative :3. What's more there are fewer and fewer akatsuki yaoi vids [not as if ever there were many of them :/]. ! Needed to make one and will make another in future probably. [maybe the just kisaita-pairing one]

I love all the images here used. Well, especially these made by doujika, you can find eg on: 0:29-0:32 or 1:40-1:45 (mostly kisaita comics). Unfortunately they closed their site :( It was such a shock to me, they were making the best kisaita pics over the net.
But please don't ask me to send you the images I used, because probably I won't, unless you give me a fine reason why I should. :o (oh damn that didnt sound nice at all)

+ as usual, thanks Lucy for uploading it :*

Songs: at the end of video, in credits
Programs used: Sony Vegas 9.0 pro and Photoshop CS3

Itachi dancing 1:27-1:30 - http://unhai.deviantart.com
I'd like to say thanks to the one who showed me this animation :* (btw. it's freaking hot)

Pairings used: (let play it tags' role)
KisaIta ◦ ItaSasu / SasuIta ◦ SasoDei ◦ KakuHida ◦ PeinIta / ItaPein ◦ ItaDei ◦ KakaSasu ◦ DeiSasu / SasuDei ◦ HidaDei / DeiHida ◦ SasuNaru ◦ MadaIta ◦ MadaSasu ◦ MadaDei / TobiDei ◦ KisaDei ◦ MadaPein ◦ HidaPein / PeinHida ◦ MadaZetsu / ZetsuMada / ZetsuTobi ◦ KisaSasu ◦ HidaIta / ItaHida ◦

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